Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol

Bottle 500ml / Box 12 Units


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Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer, with wide biocidal effect, was developed to keep hands safe, healthy and moisturized.

This hand sanitizer contains ethanol and squalane that sanitizes without drying the skin, keeping hands soft and smooth.

This product combines effective sanitizing with skin moisturizing, being suitable for frequent application. Fragrance-free, non-sticky and no rinsing.

Effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms

Ethanol, a biocidal active substance, is a rapidly evaporating ingredient widely used to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Natural moisture

Sugarcane-derived squalane is a natural moisturizer that helps to protect hands so they can remain soft. It is renowned for its skin benefits - help balance the microbiome, promoting a more resilient and healthy-looking skin.

The squalane from renewable sugarcane is safe, exceptionally stable, ecological and cruelty-free, being more sustainable than shark-derived squalane.