Codfish Red

Vinho Verde DOC 750ml

1 Box = 6 Units / 1 Pallet = 192 Boxes / 1 20' Container = 11 Pallets


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Description: Red Vinho Verde DOC reflects the liveliness and freshness of the characteristic landscapes of Northern Portugal, where it originates and has unique organoleptic characteristics throughout the world, which make it a "multicultural wine" adaptable to all circumstances and events of social character.

Type: DOC Green Wine

Harvest year: 2019

Varieties: 60% Vinhão, 30% Borraçal and 10% Espadeiro

Alcohol: 10.5%

Color: Ruby loaded

Aroma: Classic and modern character

Palate: Balanced and persistent

Serve: Between 12 ° and 14 ° C

Pairing: Meat dishes, mainly grilled and roasted, in any season. Also recommended for fatty fish, roasted sardines and stews