Codfish Rose

Vinho Verde DOC 750ml

1 Box = 6 Units / 1 Pallet = 192 Boxes / 1 20' Container = 11 Pallets


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Description: Rose Vinho Verde DOC, is a wine resulting from a lot of different varieties of red grapes from the region, vinified by the classic method of white wines. A wine for the most relaxed moments of all those who are in love with life.


Type: DOC Green Wine

Harvest year: 2019

Grape varieties: 40% Vinhão, 30% Borraçal and 30% Espadeiro

Alcohol: 11%

Color: Pink

Aroma: Red fruits

Palate: Young, light and versatile

Serve: Between 6 ° to 8 ° C

Pairing: Excellent to be eaten alone or as an aperitif, with salads, light dishes from oriental cuisine based on vegetables and white meats. It also harmonizes with desserts based on red fruits and with low sugar content.